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Ansea is the heiress of the Latal family, one of the nine families that rule the destiny of Europe since the days of the Roman Empire. She's not only gorgeous and intelligent, but also a skilled swashbuckler.

Ansea and the Scorpion fighting against the Warrior Monks

The Latals moved to Moscow, Russia trying to avoid the negative influence of the Trebaldis. When Cosimo Trebaldi set his plan in motion to assassinate the Pope and become the new leader of the Catholic Church, the nine families gathered again in Rome to survey Trebaldi's plan and avoid any chance of treason from Trebaldi.

The day Trebaldi was elected as the new Pope, the Scorpion appeared for the first time in public and challenged Trebaldi's authority and calling him the Pope's murderer. The Scorpion's bravery called Ansea's attention and persuaded her to aid the Scorpion to find the documents and the true Saint Peter's Cross that would refute Trebaldi's charade as the man chosen by Saint Peter as his successor. Their trip to the Holy Land couldn't be more problematic due to the sexual tension between the gorgeous and manipulative Ansea, the womanizer Scorpion and Méjaï, the beautiful gypsy who was also escaping from Trebaldi and the Monks.

Ansea was no match for the ruthless Rochnan

When they arrived to Constantinople, Ansea showed her true face and as soon as she learned the exact location of Saint Peter's Cross, she betrayed the Scorpion and the rest of the group. But this was a short victory as she forgot a little detail. The Scorpion was the probably one of the best archeologist in the world and despite her little advantage obtained by her betrayal, she couldn't find the cross by herself. That's when the mysterious and evil leader of the Warrior Monks, Captain Rochnan found her and both of them tried to stop the Scorpion and his friends once and for all. But the prize of the true Cross was at hand and Rochnan fought Ansea and defeated the proud warrior, leaving her not only humiliated but unconscious. When she woke up, not only she lost the Cross, but also the Scorpion.

Back to Rome, Trebaldi installed a regime of fear, where thousands of villagers were executed day by day. The rest of the families were aware of the danger that Trebaldi meant for each of them. Due to this situation, Maximus Latal tried to convince the younger heir of the Trebaldi family, Nelio Trebaldi, to get his older brother out of the picture. The possibility to make peace between both families seduced the patriarch of the Latal family but Nelio had other thing in his mind. The lovely Ansea as his future wife.

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