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When Professor Charles Xavier became the malevolent entity known as Onslaught most of earth’s famous hero’s (including the Fantastic Four) sacrificed there lives to destroy him. Or so it was thought. What actually happened was Franklin Richards, Mr. Fantastic’s son, created an imperfect duplicate of earth and sent earth’s heroes to it. The hero’s spent a year on the planet before returning to the real earth from what is now known as Counter Earth. Counter Earth still exists on the opposite side of the sun. The planet however is ravaged by earthquakes, radiation, shortages, floods and other disasters.

Koyami Sazaki was a graduate physics student who began investigating the strange radiation on Counter Earth. Koyami had been investigating the radiation for over year when he began to become attuned to it. When the radiation washed over Tokyo it did not incinerate Koyami, it turned him into the energy being Anomaly.

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