wear did he go after devied we stand?

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hey dose anyone else wanna know what happend to our favorit little green guy. I hop he gose and joins the runaways. or heck what would be even juicyer is if he joined the young avengers and cause major drama with a love triangel between him wiccan and hulkling and ya know what billy likes green guys so i could see that working who else is with me

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That would be awesome if he went to the Young Avengers!!! or the runaways

unfortunately he probably wont be in any book.
i guess the initiative is a possability
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I thought he was supposed to make an appearance in Uncanny?

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he died

#5 Posted by Stasis (13 posts) - - Show Bio

He did?  I didn't know he died....I don't think he did...

#6 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

i kid

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Didn't Marc Guggenheim confirm that Anole will join Young X-Men? After the firs arc....and the first death. Im a little mad about that caus ein my eyes Young X-Men sucks and has ruined all the characters. Hope Anole is different

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yhea the x-men have really gone down hill and i hate the scarlet witch getting rid of all the mutants. and yes i did resntly read he was gonna apear in young x-men at the end of the arch. well all i can say is horay more anole and boo to marvel ruining the young x-men its the new mutants all over again. everything has gone down hill since the purifiers

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Ya i hate the fact that  most the students lost their powers...DJ and Dryad should have been kept powered/alive. Everything would have been so much better if they kept New X-Men. Marc Guggenheim is bad at writing interesting stories....please dont destroy Anole

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well I'm starting to notice a pattern in the x-men comics in other words history repeats itself. exp:

when we compare the new mutants to the new x-men they have their eirly days when the team is small then the golden age as i call it when theirs about ten of them then the down fall when one of the majior chariters is killed exp: cypher and laurie collins. then they split apart only to comeback together. honistly people take a look its  so simalair its really spooky

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