If he were to lead New X-Men...

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Who would you want to be in the team? 
For me, it'd be Anole, Cipher, Greymalkin, Rockslide, Pixie, Blindfold, Trance and Elixir.
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Anole's Team

This wa sthe team I gave him a couple months ago. But I split the new x-men onto three teams, one lead by surge, the other Hellion
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So that's Mercury, X-23, Greymalkin?, Dust and is that Cipher?
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My team would be Shadowcat, Pixie, Emma Frost, Anole, Dust, and Husk because they are my favorites.

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I think you covered all the bases needed for the team, though, it would be good if they had a psych mutant possibly one of the Cuckoos or No-Girl. Anyways, I think that they would be a possibly unstoppable team if they banned together. Plus Dust, X-23, and Cipher, all seem to be a force of their own.

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Was this directed at me or the sonic fellow above ya? 


If it was directed at me, which I think is more likely, I did think of that later and had made this in response. The Cuckoo in the red would be working with Anole's team but technically on this Cerebre Team.
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@jordama: that pic is awesome if you could could you make me one of   no-girl  psylocke emma frost  the cuckoos  blindfold  professor xavier      if you could i would love it

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