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Uthana Thoth King of the Ano-Athox
The Ano-Athox are mysterious, red skinned, potentially god like beings who have breached into the 616 Universe after their own crumbling contracting Universe was dying. The leader, the King of the Ano-Athox,  Uthana Thoth willing an expansion of the desolate universe to maintain its existence, as his son Lord Thane and a contingent of Ano-Athox warriors were sent into an opening in their reality. This gap of sorts, having a connection of sorts, with the cosmological effect of having the plane of Asgard, one of the Nine Worlds on the Yggdrasil Tree, the World Tree, re-situated on the realm of Midgard. A imbalance created. Now the Ano-Athox seek to claim this missing void left by Asgard's absence and they are willing to destroy and conquer all nine realms to do so.  
Lord Thane, son of Uthana Thoth, led many Ano-Athox warriors to attack the land of  Alfheim. In what would become a herald of sorts of their arrival, the lands of Alfheim experienced a blood red sky, before a blood like substance rained down upon their icy homeland. Their defeat of the residents of Alfheim, came fast, swift and violently as the Ano-Athox descended. With their first land conquered the remaining Ano-Athox, still in a large construct of a space faring ship, with their leader, said one final farewell to their other wise dead reality and they crossed into this new opportunistic reality, where life was thriving and ready for the taking.  
Prominent members of the Ano-Athox, are its leader King, Uthana Thoth, his son, Lord Thane, the sorcerer like Fex, and the ever loyal Thela.  So far they have demonstrated reasonably advanced technology, though the form of inter dimensional shape ships, energy powered laser weaponry, however swords are as common a tool utilized, and the race of crimson skinned beings are particularly war like and battle ready.  


Ano-Athox Descend
The Ano-Athox and related characters belonging to this race, were created by writer Matt Fraction and illustrator Pasqual Ferry. The debuted as a race in Thor #615, and in subsequent issues, more characters were added and, or elaborated on.

Major Story Arcs

The World Eaters 

The Ano-Athox bring war to the Nine Realms, first slaughtering the peaceful inhabitants of Alfheim, before moving on to Nidavellir, slaughtering more creatures who lack the power to oppose the scarlet toned warriors. Subsequently the move n to conquering Svartalfheim, but face their first real challenge as the War god Tyr and the former King Balder resist their advancement. Many Ano-Athox die at the hands of the two Asgardians, including Lord Thane, however superior numbers overcome the due, and their are killed with no mercy shown.  
The Ano-Athox now face their biggest challenge yet, as they confront the Asgardians.  To prepare for their arrival and counter their numbers Odin invokes an ancient magic known as the Blood Colossus.  Calling down a rain of blood and taking energy from beings gathered across the Nine Worlds Odin creates giant colossuses from earth merged with the best Asgardian warriors.   With the Asgardians to guide them the "blood legion" are a virtually unstoppable force when confronted only with sheer numbers alone.
In battle with the Odin's Blood Legion the Ano-Athox find themselves equally if not over matched.  Their sheer numbers are virtually useless against the giant blood legion.  The foot soldiers of the Ano-Athrox can only scratch at them as the Blood Legion stomps and cruses the World-Eaters in large numbers.  The tide turns against them more when Thor begins to call down lighting to incinerate even more of them.  
Fearing Thor's lightning Uthana Thoth turns to run only to be tackled from behind by Lord Odin.  Odin yells that Uthana should never have come to his world and that he is all-father here.  Uthana's life is only saved when Fex and Thala attack Odin from behind.  With Odin's downfall Thor begins to fear the battle could consume all of the Earth if it is not stopped.  Realizing a way to end the battle he takes a giant sword locked in the depths of Asgard that has the power to cut through space and time and sets out for the World Tree.
Upon being told by Odin what the sword can do Uthana orders his armies to destroy the Blood Colossus Thor at any cost.  He himself enters a shouting  contest with Odin.  Despite their best efforts Thor reaches the portal the World-Eaters came through and slices it into cutting the World Tree as well.  Wounded, the World Tree seeks to cleanse itself of all impurities.  It detects the alien World-Eaters and "deletes" them from reality.  Instead of being outright destroyed they are imprisoned at the center of the World Tree.  Fex thought it would be a new kingdom, but Uthana assessed that now that they were integrated into the World Tree they are more vulnerable than ever.  An assessment that turns out to be true when they are confronted with a vengeful Tyr and Balder who for an unknown reason were transported to the center of the Tree as well.

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