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The Anunnaki or Gods of Mesopotamia are a race of superhumanly powerful humanoid beings who were once worshipped by several of the races and cultures of Mesopotamia, particularly the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians from about 4000 BC during the rise of human civilization to 1500 BC when their worship was replaced by other religions, particularly the Judeo-Christian Church. (Some references have them worshipped much earlier in the Hyborian Age, as far back as 18,000 BC: however, many of these beings have been exposed as demonic entities.) The human worshippers of the Anunnaki often referred to their deities by other names than by which they were originally known: for example, the Sumerians worshipped a sea-god named Ea whereas the Babylonians knew him as Enki. The Anunnaki no longer have or actively seek worshippers on earth. However, certain gods, notably Baal and Dagon, are often called upon by practitioners of black magic to exploit their most darker attributes while other deities like Ninurta and Inanna, known to the Greeks as Aphrodite, still have an active interest in the welfare of humanity.

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