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Don't adjust your television; that really is a talking orange and he really is that annoying! Annoying Orange and his friends from the fruit bowl have already taken over the airwaves and the Internet with their groaningly silly adventures, and now it's time for them to scare the seeds out of you in this bumper crop of horrific pulpy parodies. Gather 'round the campfire (not so close, Marshmallow!) and join your host, Annoying Orange, for an evening of Tales From the Crisper!

Available in hardcover and softcover.

Story Titles

  • Coffee Brake!
  • Comic Con(flict)!
  • That Ain't Hey!
  • ¡Frijoles, Frijoles, the Musical Fruit!
  • Annoying Role Call!
  • Freshly-Picked (On) Grapefruit!
  • Ava the Avacodo!
  • Dude, What's My Fruit Cart?
  • A Tale of Two Citrus!
  • Brothers of the Elastic Band!
  • Cosmic Comet Catastrophe!
  • I Love Juicy!
  • Praising Cane!
  • Just How Funny Are Talking Rocks and Minerals, Anyway?
  • A Hairy Situation
  • You Can't Beat the Sweet!
  • Super-Sour Seminaor!
  • Gus the Hippie Mushroom!
  • The Day the Fruit Stood Still!
  • Crossword Fun With Fruit!
  • Fun With Veggies Maze!
  • Fun With Nerville and Marshmallow Picture Puzzle!
  • Chili Winter







Story Arcs

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