Anyone else miss Annihilus?

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Before Annihilation, Annihilus was one of those obscure but deadly villains. He didn't appear often, but when he did it was usually significant.  Even before seizing the Opposing Force, he was powerful enough to nearly kill Thor forcing Odin himself to intervene.  A powerful villain capable of greatness, but not quite reaching it. Then came Annihilation, and The Living Death That Walks hit the big time.  However that was some time ago and Annihilus has yet to return in a meaningful form (currently a larval form).  Does anyone else think it's time for him to return?

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@DRDOOM28: just wait...I'm pretty sure they're bringing him back soon in Fantastic Four
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I rely want annihilus back he was one of my favorite villens.
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He's totally back already, and I'm sure he and the Annihilation Wave will be appearing again in FF, seeing as how the *killed* the Human Torch

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The question is whether he'll have anything to do with Annihilators Earthfall.

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