Annihilators: Earthfall - Avengers + Annihilators

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It looks like the Annihilators and the Avengers are going to be teaming up (?) here in September. Some have said that the Annihilators are already too powerful, so what possible threat could they have to face that they would have trouble with? Add the Avengers to the mix and this must be one huge problem. Any ideas?

While the story in the Annihilators mini was a little less than good, I was hoping any further issues would flesh out the team and make them more than just a team of bad asses that reluctantly team up. I wonder if we will get better characterization in this series? But could adding MORE characters just lose them all even further? I feel like this could end up being more about the threat than the heroes. But, I have my fingers crossed and I'll be optimistic - after all, the only info we really have to go on is this single image.

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Yeah, I am sorta anticipating the creative team for this. I have lots of favorite characters here and I am one of those people that don't think Annihilators are too powerful, I just wish they had an ongoing so we could get some character focused work and on top of that I miss GotG and ideally we would have 2 Cosmic team ongoings... 

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@SC: Any kind of cosmic ongoing would be nice. I've been panicking since the cancellation of Nova and GotG, wondering what was going to happen after Annihilators and the Silver Surfer mini. Hopefully this book will at least be the proper length to tell a good story.

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The promotional art actually suggests there's going to be some squabbling between the two teams.

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@iLLituracy said:
The promotional art actually suggests there's going to be some squabbling between the two teams.
but theres always gotta be a villain or something for them to join forces for a battle & win but i hope they can take on some cosmic threats just come to earth for the hope that it raises sales instead of showing a good story .

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