Annihilation: A Space Opera

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For those of you who loved the MARVELous event a few years back, "Annihilation", you will hopefully enjoy this musical project I've been working on. It's called, "Annihilation: A Space Opera". A little play on words, as a space opera has nothing to do with music. I thought it was a clever title, since Annihilation actually is a space opera, that is, an epic written in the stars.

So anyway, thus far I have finished three parts of this. Beware, the pieces are all about ten minutes long, so if you don't like classical/cinematic music you probably won't sit through all 10 minutes of each piece. So I have an Overture, and Act 1 & 2. The video displays the title of the current movement playing so you can know what the music is "talking" about. Enjoy! :) And rate, comment please.

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Since I love Annihilation and classical music.....This is pretty awesome!

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I loved Annihilation, plus its was interesting seeing "villains" like super skrull saving the universe while the Earth heroes were  busy fighting amongst themselves in the Civil War

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Sweet thx!

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@jloneblackheart: Thanks, bh. :)

Yeah it was an interesting take having Super Skrull fight alongside Nova. And we got to see his sensitive side when he was mourning for his son and fell in love with that girl (forgot her name).

I hope you all enjoy the music! :D There are still 2 parts to come: Act 3 and the Finale.
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As someone who has gigabytes of music from video game, TV and film scores that I use as background music whenever I read anything sci-fi, adventure or fantasy related, I approve. I see that you have other stuff on your profile, which I'll be checking out when I have more time.

#7 Posted by OrphenFire (21 posts) - - Show Bio
@brc2000: Thanks man. I'm actually trying to get into videogame scoring and maybe even film scoring eventually. These little projects are like exercises for me, and I like to hear feedback from people. Thanks for the approval. ;)
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gawd the idea of an actual opera based on Annihilation though, .....wet appetite here.

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@CATPANEXE: I know. I actually enjoy operas. I would really like to see an animated film of Annihilation. After Thor: Tales Of Asgard, hopefully they look at the cosmic database they got and make Annihilation... Planet Hulk was brilliant, even though they had to replace Surfer with Beta Ray Bill.

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