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ANNIHILATION continues here! Beaten and nearly dead, Nova prepares to go back into battle! Can Nova cope with the awful burden of Xandar’s legacy? Can he carry a warning to friendly space? Can he even stay alive for another five minutes with the murdering hosts of the Annihilation Wave closing in?

After the attack of the Annihilation Wave, which ended in the killing of the entire Nova Corps, Richard Rider, the only survivor, wakes up still dizzy. The Worldmind, a primary source of knowledge, energy and power of the planet Xandar and the Nova Corps, tells him that each member of the Corps would carry a bit of the Nova Force within them, but as they are all dead, Richard must absorb it all. At first he complains, saying that Garthan Saal once did the same thing and was driven insane. Now however, the Worldmind will help Rider in controlling all that power, as explained by it. After being convinced that absorbing the Nova Force is necessary, Richard does so. At first he is confident, because of the great power that is in his possession. Rider starts destroying the many ships of those who killed his friends, but is soon enough stopped by Worldmind. After that, Nova finds Drax the Destroyer, who has apparently also survived the explosion of Xandar.

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