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The Silver Surfer chases down Tenebrous and Aegis, the two cosmic power-houses who took out Galactus!

Plus, Firelord rounds up The Centurions - Annihilus’s elite force that murdered his homeworld to take his revenge. The fallout from ANNIHILATION continues here...



Firelord is on a rampage - taking out the remaining Centurions. Irritated that Ravenous was given so many Kree territories during the armistice, he has to go from world to world seeking out the Centurions which were given their own world, in turn, by Ravenous.

He arrives at Omnia Prime, the ceded territories on Annihilation Day, Plus 274. As he arrives, he is in the midst of others sharing his same path - a Death Squad, comprised of ex-Centurions is attempting to destroy some of the proud Centurions as they address their new subjects. Not knowing this, or caring (at that moment), he separates the Centurions far from the innocents and then blasts them with all he's got. In the aftermath, the ex-Centurions plead for their lives and promise to continue on their "Death Squad" path against Ravenous' favored Centurions. Firelord is weary of this "promise" and determines that as long as they stay on the right path, he will let them live, but not a second longer.


Annihilation Day, Plus 281

A freed Galactus (since Annihilation Day, Plus 220) assigned the Silver Surfer (freed on the same day) the task to locate Aegis and Tanerbrous. It didn't take him long to find the duo, at the Crunch, searching through the Kyln debris for ancient allies. After signaling for Galactus, Silver Surfer decided to distract the two cosmic powerhouses until his arrival. Before long, Silver Surfer was completely overwhelmed, but decided to do what it took to keep Galactus' greatest foes at bay.

In a final effort, knowing that it would likely kill him, he charged into the Crunch, surfing on its surface, disrupting it enough to spill off onto Aegis and Tenebrous. As Galactus arrived at the Crunch, he witnessed the inconceivable -- a lowly herald took down a pair of Proemial Gods -- Galactus was avenged. After being the location of their captivity for countless millenia -- since the creation event and their capture by Galactus; the Crunch became the final resting place for Aegis and Tenebrous as it continues to expand into the Negative Zone.

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