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With Thanos dead at his feet, Drax is told that only someone of Thanos' power level can free Galactus. Nova's United Front plans to assualt Annihilus' Command Ship. Drax frees Silver Surfer, and Galactus breaks free of Annihilus. Super-Skrull, Praxagora and Ronan attack the Kree Empire to find that the Fiyero House have allied with Annihilus. Ravenous is badly wounded and Ronan becomes the new leader of Kree Empire.


Nova's United Front, continues their phasing trip towards Annihilus' Command Ship. Along the way, they have formed strange allies with ones they previously fought against - The Centurions.

Back on Thanos' starship, with Drax's destiny fulfilled, there is only one thing left to do if he is to save the universe from Annihilus - free Galactus. Because of Thanos' deadly safeguards, the system will only work for someone with his power level and signature. Realizing this, Drax does the only thing he can, free the Silver Surfer - under the condition that Galactus ensure's Moondragon's safety.

Moondragon was able to hold off the Annihilation Wave drones just long enough for Drax to extract the Silver Surfer, who is able to use the interface, avoid Thanos' deadly safeguards, and free Galactus. Needless to say, Galactus is not happy.

On Hala, Ronan, Super-Skrull, Praxagora start their uphill battle to the Fiyero House leadership. While Ronan is reluctantly killing his brothers, cursing their madness for dying for a corrupt cause, Super-Skrull is doing what he loves best, killing Kree. The Fiyero House Kree warriors are joined by The Centurions, which solidifies the fact that Fiyero House diplomats have given into Annihilus as an evil ally. Ronan is not happy.

As Ronan and crew barge in on the Fiyero House dimplomats, they are greeted by Ravenous.

Ronan, now full of rage, is joined by the full force of Super-Skrull and Praxagora and no one is safe from their rampage. They make easy work of the attacking Kree and Centurions. Even Ravenous' Opposing Force and Currs are no match for the trio. Finally, in a triumphant crescendo Ronan finds Ravenous GUILTY, leaving him with a near fatal injury and missing half his face.

Not missing a beat, the Fiyero House diplomats are next for a ruling by the Accuser. They too are found guilty and executed for their treasonous actions. His next action was to restore the Supreme Intelligence to its rightful place as ruler of the Kree. Ronan finds that Fiyero House have irreparably silenced the Supreme Intelligence in a living death. Faced with a very difficult decision, Ronan decides to "free" the Supreme Intelligence of his living death, and duty as the long time and loved leader of the Kree - with a merciful death.

Then, much to Ronan's surprise, he is greeted with cheers and chants of his name - he is now the new leader of the Kree empire.

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