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Overview Nova’s United Front is divided. Nova sets off on a desperate mission. Ronan heads to Hala to free the Kree race. Everyone else is just trying to survive! What’s Drax’s secret agenda, anyway?


No matter how much they fight, they will never be able to hold back the onslaught of Annihilation Wave that just keeps coming, and coming, and coming...

Each of the United Front continues to fight off Annihilation Wave drones, Centurion Warriors or Control Bugged Zombie Powerhouses (Infant Terrible, Terrax, and Paibok The Power Skrull).

In orbit, Annihilus grows weary that this planet still stands. He doesn't want to hear excuses, and that is all he is getting from his fleet - so he decides it best to eliminate them - yeah, he eliminated his own fleet. Thanos questions him about this choice, but he simply replies that it was a show of force to strike fear into the remaining forces. Annihilus also grows ever weary of Thanos' pet project - finally there is an update that will please the evil overlord.

Thanos explains to Annihilus that there is no biological application of cosmic power, rather it exists as pure energy assigned to the "essence" of those imbued with its power. Thanos then goes on to explain that cosmic energy replaces an individual's aura and acts as a "energy parasite" (for lack of any better term). Because of this, Thanos decided to utilize Galactus in a way where energy could be consumed from a planet, but instead of feeding Galactus, it would feed Annihilus' generators. To ensure longevity of this process, Thanos did ensure that Galactus would get some small amount of energy - just enough to keep him alive. Overall though, Galactus was turned into a WEAPON!

Back on the planet, Ravenous and Ronan continue to fight it out, but this time their fight bleeds into the Medical Unit where Firelord and Super-Skrull are being treated. In all the commotion, Firelord's healing chamber is broken open, which allows him to join the fight against Ravenous. The next thing the rest of the United Front sees is a fiery column erupting from the Medical Unit.

They then notice that some of the Annihilation Wave and its evil allies are fleeing from the planet, not due to a change of tide in the battle, but more likely from an orbital attack. Even the remaining ex-heralds of Galactus advise Nova and team to retreat while they hold back the continued attack. Then, all of the sudden, as if by magic, the Super-Skrull emerges from the ruins of the Medical Unit with a pair of limp heroes in his arms - it would appear that the combined forces of the Firelord, Ronan, and Ravenous somehow revived the Super-Skrull. Either way, it is time to go and everyone (including Cammi, somehow) piles into one of the remaining escape ships... everyone but Drax and the two remaining ex-heralds of Galactus. Drax stays to fight his way to Thanos while Red Shift and Stardust attempt to hold back the fury of a weaponized Galactus - their sacrifice saved the remaining escaping United Front. The escape ship's A.I. navicomp locked in random coordinates to get the survivors out of harm's way, where will they end up next?

Now orbiting Earth, the remaining United Front decides on the next steps for this all but lost war against Annihilus. Richard struggles with the decision to warn Earth's heroes about the impending Annihilation Wave or fighting his way back to Annihilus' fleet to fight the last battle of his life. Ronan decides to head to Hala to free his Kree brothers from the Fiyero House's misbegotten rule - the Super-Skrull and Praxagora decide to tag along.

What's next for Drax -- the match-up he has been waiting for, the reason for his existence, his special purpose: Next Issue!

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