why annalee is a good character

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i think she is one of the great charcters because she isn't on a super hero team, isn't even really a main character anywhere really...kinda just like an average person with a terriable past

plus i think even though her powers aren't good for attack purposes-they are still pretty cool*

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who is annalee???? :P

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Annalee is a Morlock character whose main power is hypnotizing characters to believing what ever she suggests to them. She was featured in the 1990s X-Men.

She was killed in the Fall of the Mutants when the Marauders attacked their based.

Her story is very tragic actually, she has some kids but were killed because they were mutants. Annalee looks normal but her children doesn't. She once kidnapped the Power Pack, a group of young powered siblings, and made them think they were her children.
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Power Pack aren't mutants lol.

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Yeah, lol, they were given their powers by Aliens.

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he never said the power pack were mutants you kinda just mixed his words up,lol

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