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Anna's story begins in WWII when a japanese pilot crash landed in Russia. The pilot was found by a kindly Russian woman named Tasha. Although their initial meeting did not go so well, he eventually gained her trust. She helped him gather enough equipment so he could repair his plane and go home. They were found out by Russian soldiers and attacked just before he could leave. Tasha was shot in the skirmish. She begged Kudasai to take her daughter with him. The pilot raised her as his own right beside his son. That pilot was Kudasai Ichinohei. The baby was Anna Feeple.

Kudasai eventually reestablished his clan, leading them to the forefront of ninja-dom, with Anna as his star pupil. She rose to prominence as "The Red Ninja", and was easily considered one of the best in the world. One day an exterminator named Bob Feeple came to the compound to get rid of a major rat problem. Anna was just leaving weapons practice when their eyes met and it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, she couldn't just leave the clan. Special arrangements had to be made. It was then decided that her first born son would be married to the clan leader's granddaughter.

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