Ann Nocenti on Catwoman (Green Arrow readers opinions please)

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I've just read that Ann Nocenti was taking over Catwoman with issue 0. As a Catwoman reader, I'm already concerned about artist Guillem March leaving to do the new Talon book, but adding a completely new writer has me seriously wondering if I want to continue with this book. Especially when I hear people mention their dislike of the Green Arrow series.

So here is my question...

What is the problem with Ollie's book. I've read tons of complaints. Is it Ann's writing or are the problems artistic? Let me know what you guys (and gals) think.

btw - Ann has mentioned she would like to take a darker tone with Catwoman and do a little more travel in future issues.

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She's that bad, huh. Perhaps I should move along. I'm not too interested in Catwoman outside of Gotham anyway.

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The problems with the Green Arrow series started before Nocenti was given the title. Nocenti is a good writer, her run on Daredevil was great. Who is replacing Guillem March?

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Maybe Catwoman will be involved in some weird threesome thing too like ol Oliver.

#5 Posted by knighthood (1813 posts) - - Show Bio

So far I'm really disappointed with Ann's run. I'm hoping for a new writer soon. Unfortunately DC keeps giving Nocenti books that I'm interested in (see Katana).

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The issues I have read with Ann Nocenti on Daredevil I liked. Green Arrow got a bad start in the new 52 as far as I know. The reboot also seemed a bit unnecessary since Andy Diggle made Year One not too long ago which was pretty well received. But Green Arrow has now had 5 or so volumes and it is kind of messy.

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