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Stranded on another planet and separated from his comrades, Excalibur team member Nightcrawler found himself between two warring parties. A scared, beautiful woman was about to be killed by a female pirate named Kymri. Nightcrawler saved her from certain death. The woman, Princess Anjulie, took Nightcrawler back to the floating city she ruled and made love to him as thanks. She then convinced him to stay with her until his teammates could be found. Although Anjulie did genuinely like Nightcrawler, she was not what she had appeared to be. Behind her pretty face hid a treacherous, evil soul. The pirate Kymri was the rightful heir of the floating city, but Anjulie had seduced and killed her father the king. Anjulie was a cruel dictator who would torture her subjects for the smallest of infractions. Anjulie’s constant temptations kept Nightcrawler from seeing her true nature.

To vanquish those who opposed her and achieve even greater power, Anjulie used sorcery to summon an evil squid-like creature that fed on human life forces. She captured the rest of the Excalibur team and was about to sacrifice them to the creature when Kurt and Kymri came to their rescue. Nightcrawler freed his teammates and Kymri went to deal with evil Anjulie. Kymri hit Anjulie and knocked her unconscious. Distracted by attacking palace guards, Kymri did not notice the now recovered Anjulie sneaking up behind her with a knife. Lunging at Kymri, Anjulie suddenly stiffened in pain. Kitty Pryde from Excalibur had stabbed her in the back in order to save Kymri. Anjulie fell off the edge of the floating city.

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