Anita the noob.

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I enjoyed First Death #1. I always wondered what Anita's first reaction was to Jean-Claude and I'm happy Mrs. Hamilton wrote us fans a special comic-exclusive version of Anita's past.

Like I told G-Man, it's amazing now much of a noob Anita is! The story takes place about a year before the events in Guilty Pleasures. What cracks me up the most is how chunky Anita is!! She lost a LOT of weight in one year. lol I know it was drawn like that just to make her seem younger, but it won't stop me from thinking how much fun it would be to poke Anita's cheeks. Ha, ha.

Can't wait for the conclusion, which I read will include Edward. Awesome.

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I was wondering what felt different about Anita. Leave it to a female to notice her weight.


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