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Lost In Spice

The Warner Studio is having a "Career Day", and the Warners arrive to help out. They're assigned to become roadies to assist a manager called Brian Eelstein, and his girl band named the Spice Rack (a play on the Spice Girls). The girls turn out to be worthless at singing, until Dot joins the girls on stage, improvising up a parody on "Wannabe". They instantly become celebrities, but their 15 minutes of fame runs out when some fans overhear a quip Yakko makes about the manager being the one who made the band what it is, ending up with the crowd carrying him on their shoulders.

Talk Therapy

Slappy Squirrel gets an invitation for the Barry Stinger show (a play on Jerry Springer). She assumes it's in order to orchestrate the on-screen brawling, but instead, the invitation ends up to be part of the show's topic "The Woman Who Ruined My Life", having been called out by her nemesis Walter Wolf. Barry ends up being on Slappy's side, and asks her to demonstrate the kind of abuse Walter is subject to, which she's all too eager to show first-hand.

Traumatic License

While taking the Warners on a road trip to "Cousin Fatty's Homestyle Lard Barrel" - a Western-themed restaurant, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff gets pulled over by the police, and it's revealed his driver's license needs renewal (rather badly; the expiration date states "1/31/540 Anno Domini"), so he's ordered to get it renewed at the DMV. After waiting in line for ages and filling out a pile of forms, Otto's subjected to an eye exam (after which the Warners start an impromptu game of "Alphabet Twister" on the letter chart), followed by a driving examination. In an attempt to help Otto, Wakko attaches a solid fuel rocket to the back of the exam car, which ends up blasting Otto and his instructor off into the side of a nearby cliff. Afterward, the driving instructor hands Otto his new license anyway, under the condition that he never comes back.

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