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By the year 2462 Animal is a legend at bringing in the criminal element. He does this by obeying his orders from his handler completely. He is more of an attack dog than a thinking man.

When Booster Gold comes back to this time the Animal is used to track him and Goldstar down. He puts up a good fight but is stopped when the boat he is on explodes and he sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Goldstar blew up the boat on accident when she ruptured the fuel tanks. Unwilling to let animal drown she pulls him back to the surface with her magnetic powers. This action causes her and Booster to be captured but Animal is spared.

Later Booster and Goldstar escape custody and the Animal is called again. Animal starts making short work of Booster until his Handler Broderick tries to shoot Goldstar. Animal remembers when Goldstar saved his life and he returns the favor by turning on his handler. This causes Broderick's shot to go off target and sever a cable that was needed to get Booster and Goldstar back to the past. Booster decides to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. He is going to hold the cables together so the time platform will work. Animal realizes this and throws Booster onto the platform and holds the cables together himself. Broderick in an attempt to stop their time travel shoots Animal in the back, but it is too late. The time platform worked.

When Goldstar gets back to her time she is horrified and wishes things could be different for Animal. she wishes she could thank Animal for his sacrifice.

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