The Hunt

Jeff Lemire takes the reigns of the Animal Man title following the DC-wide reboot in 2011. Buddy faces conflict in his family life following the manifestation of powers in his youngest child, Maxine. The Baker family faces a test of great strength as Buddy and Maxine travel deep into the Red to uncover the truth about Animal Man's powers.


The creative teams of Animal Man and Swamp Thing join forces to bring us Rotworld, an amazing crossover event between two of the most highly acclaimed titles from DC's New 52. As Buddy Baker and Alec Holland, champions of the Red and the Green respectively, attempt to confront Anton Arcane, both are trapped in the Rot and are later sent to a future where the heroes have lost, and the Rot has won. It is up to Animal Man and Swamp Thing to save the world from this post-apocalyptic world.

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