What is the most interesting thing about Animals Man's abilities?

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Animal Man is a character whose powers can be played with infinitely. In his first book I saw him use his abilities to alter his weight to that of a bee, fly, increase his speed, reflexes, strength and also bark like a dog. I am hoping that in future issues we will see Buddy ave the ability to fully shape-shift into animals but use that ability sparingly.

What about his abilities more interests you and what things do you think the writers can/will do with him.

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He's one of the best heroes, that's what I've realized. His power is kinda unchecked so that's whats so cool.

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@Kallarkz: He did have this ability back in the Veritgo day's, or rather the 'Just slightly before Vertigo' days, when he was able to put his spirit into that of a bear, and then later on, he was able to take on Chimeric forms, but morphing parts of his body into those of other animals.

I seem to recall him turning into a Polar Bear at some point as well, but I might have made that up.

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He is being portrayed as pretty...weak....a dozen birds just took him out in his last issue....pretty sure even daredevil could have withstood that...

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@Kallarkz: I think you might be missing something.

Yes, he did get attacked by a SWARM of birds, but they were also infected with the Rot, which as you know from reading the rest of the series, is the Anti-thesis of the Red. I would imagine that the Rot would prevent him from being able to pull out the abilities of the Animals nearby, and aren't susceptible to his usual abilities i.e. he can't draw from them.

Additionally, Buddy doesn't actually have any peak/above normal abilities when he's not tapped into the M-Field, so I would imagine you'd be pretty caught by surprise and unable to defend yourself if you were attacked by a swarm of birds possessed by a malignant evil force. As you've said yourself, elsewhere, Buddy isn't Flash/Superman level, and that's what makes this Horror comic work even better. He's a normal bloke most of the time.

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