starkiller809's Animal Man Annual #1 - Endless Rot review

Rot from the Past

The art in this issue is decent. Timothy Green II does a great job at copying Travel Foreman's style from the beginning of the series. He also adds the amazing paneling from the current Swamp Thing series. I also really like how he is very good at making sure things are where they were the next time you see them. The story is amazing. Jeff Lemire manages to introduce you to new characters in a different time, with a similar situation. The results are an amazing story with a lot of emotion and action. The gore in this issue is also top notch. The dialog is also great in this issue and it feels real. I also really like the reflection of the current time to the past. It added a sense of reflection to the entire series that only makes it work better.
I like the art, but it feels a little lacking in a few panels. I also felt that Maxine felt a little older then she was in past issues.
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect)
Animal Man is an amazing series, and this is an amazing annual. I think that he managed to get an issue that ties into the whole series but is also for people who just want a story to read. It accomplishes what these stories should, add on to the series, but if you don't get it, the next issue will be just as good. I would recommend this to fans of Animal Man and people who want a dark but very good comic to read.

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