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Whats to come

First off both Foreman and Pugh's art in this issue is great. Smooth and not overly complicated. We finally get to see the end of this first arc and it goes out on a bang. Buddy and Maxine rescue Ellen and Cliff but in what Maxine thought was a good move the third hunter infects the animals that she summons with rot and they are set out to further spread the rot. We see what could happen if the rot takes Maxine which is what in on the cover. This was a great end to the first arc which introduced to the Red and we were warned of the dangers of the rot. If you are not reading this along with Swamp Thing you are missing out especially with the next arc of this series because it looks like that Buddy is going to seek out Alec Holland to assist him. My only question is if this whole arc took place concurrently with Swamp Thing or not. To me it seems like arc takes place a little before the Swamp Thing arc or at least part of it took place before it.


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