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Daddy's Really Strong

Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have no doubt created the sleeper hit of the New 52. They have introduced familiar characters in a new and fresh way. Does issue four finish off the first arch well?
I really like the art. Travel Foreman gives the book a great feeling to it that nothing else in the DC Universe has and I'm very happy for that. It's very sketchy and I just love it. Jeff Huet does do a few pages in this issue but you almost don't notice the artist change. The story is amazing and it's what makes Animal Man a great series. In this issue we get to see Buddy fight the Hunter that is attacking his wife and son. We also get to see Maxine use a bit more of her amazing abilities. It's a great read and it definitely lays out a whole new story while finishing off one.
This really is nothing that bugged me in this issue.
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect)
Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman continue on this amazing run of Animal Man. It's a family that is thrown into some dark stuff. Jeff Lemire really sculpts all of the characters where they feel strong, but they all have a vulnerable spot to them. There is so much emotion that is lodged into these pages and it's just amazing. If you want to read this, go get issue one, two, three, four and this and start getting this. If you don't want to, get the trade because this is one of the best comics out currently. 

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