doomdoomdoom's Animal Man #3 - The Hunt, Part Three: Totems review

A Rot in the Red

First Five Pages: We follow Buddy(Animal Man) and Maxine(his daughter) through the Red and meet the Totems, who are the former avatars of the Red. Also, the Hunters Three are lingering outside the Baker household.

The Goods: There are some pretty big reveals regarding Buddy and Maxine's true relation to the Red. The Totems also mention a war brewing, "A rot", Which looks to set things up for a Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover. Also, there are some truly touching family moments here especially the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son relationships,Which divides the members of the Baker family with and without powers. I can truly say there was nothing bad about issue #3, it left me foaming at the mouth for the next issue more so than the previous two. Beautiful art by Foreman and the perfect story, heating up, by Lemire.

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