matkrenz's Animal Man #2 - The Hunt, Part Two: Maps review

Best roadtrip ever.

Review for Animal Man #2. 
The Story: Since Maxine revived a bunch of animal corpses she takes Buddy to the home of the Red and the Hunters Three get ready to start there mission. 
The Good: Lemire must be a real family man because the way he writes Buddy and his family just feels so natural. I wont expect any big punching and kicking action from this series but more family drama with the way Ellen worrying about the kids being taken away because of Maxine turning their neighbours arm into a chicken leg. And speaking of wich that was really effective at showing how powerful the Red could be, especially in the hands of little girl. Also I don't have a problem with Maxine knowing more than Buddy because I trust in Lemire's writing and since im so used to it by Layla Miller in X-Factor. The scene with the hippo's in labour was so freaky and shows just how disgusting the Hunter's Three are. Also Cliff is stealing the book for me, he has the funniest line in the comic just because he is so nonchalant about whats happening. Foreman's art fits well with the horror aspects of this book and the Tree. 
The Bad: Foreman's art doesn't really fit with the regular family life, I like when an artist can make the characters expressive but here it was just to much for me. 
The Verdict: Lemire doesn't skip a beat with the second issue with continuing the mystery of the Red and more establishing the villains of the story. This is a buy.


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