doomdoomdoom's Animal Man #2 - The Hunt, Part Two: Maps review

Into the Red wide open.

First off, we pick up right where issue #1 left off, in the Baker family's back yard. The main focus of this issue is the interactions between the Baker family and Cliff's journey towards, and into, the Red. The Red isn't yet fully explained in this issue so we are still left guessing some to what it actually is. Also, another of Maxine's powers is displayed, and it's quite interesting and different from her fathers. There's a particular two-page spread in this issue that blew my mind and Foreman does a great job with the art throughout the rest of the book while Lemire's writing holds your attention the whole way through. Thing's are effectively picking up in this title and I would recommend this to anyone who has even the faintest interest in Animal Man.

This is my first review ever so I'm still figure out the best way to present this to you guys, hey maybe I'll even make regular reviews for this Animal Man title.

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