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Into the Red wide open. 0

First off, we pick up right where issue #1 left off, in the Baker family's back yard. The main focus of this issue is the interactions between the Baker family and Cliff's journey towards, and into, the Red. The Red isn't yet fully explained in this issue so we are still left guessing some to what it actually is. Also, another of Maxine's powers is displayed, and it's quite interesting and different from her fathers. There's a particular two-page spread in this issue that blew my mind and Forema...

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Dive into the Red 0

Maxine Baker is no stranger to superpowers or strange things happening in her home, after all, her dad is Animal Man. But now dead animals are coming to Maxine to warn her about an evil force that threatens The Red -- the web of life that ties all things that have ever lived. Her father, Buddy Baker, is covered in tattoos revealing the map of The Red. If they're going to stop everything on Earth from being killed by a monstrous force hiding in the planet's wildlife, they're going to have to trav...

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Entrails and bloody eyes doesn't equal good horror... 0

Unlike most, I wasn't the biggest fan of Jeff Lemire's "Animal Man" #1. I thought the story unraveled in the second half and Travel Foreman's art was erratic. Yet it still held enough intrigue to keep me on board for another issue. Now issue #2 has arrived and one thing has been made crystal clear - Lemire's Animal Man isn't for me.  The story in issue #2 doesn't fall apart at the end like the first book. That being said, it also doesn't start of as strong as the first book. This issue begins w...

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Just Damn Near Perfect 0

The Good: Again, the cover is AMAZINGLY CREEPY.Wow, can Maxine get any creepier? And yet still be a lovable adorable daughter? She really drove this issue, while still being an innocent bundle of cuteness, manages to find such childlike delight in the creepiest things, and have an eerie amount of knowledge.Again, the series AMAZINGLY balances the aspects of superhero, family drama, and horror. I dunno, basically, if you want more, see my review of #1. It's a lot more of the same kind of superb p...

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Still Going Strong 0

After last month's amazing issue, can Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman keep the readers interested in Buddy and his family?   THE GOOD: The art is amazing. It gives the book a dark tone. It's simple, and very sketchy and I love it. This issue we get information on what is going on at the Baker home. I love how, Jeff still incorporates the family drama into the series and super heroics. I think Maxine also has a strong presence in this book and I feel that she could become a very powerful character...

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Those Red Hippos... 0

Last month, Jeff Lemire, Travel Foreman, Dan Green, and Lovern Kindzierski unleashed the sleeper hit of the DCnU in Animal Man #1, which was received with critical and much-deserved acclaim. As a horror comic, the team in Animal Man did an outstanding job in Issue #1, with the cherry on top being its surreal, yet visually pleasing conclusion. Now, a month has passed, and the #2 are rolling in. Will Lemire and company replicate the magic in issue #1?  Jump into the Life Web, and join me as I revi...

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Too Much, Too Soon 0

The first issue of the new Animal Man series was my favorite of all the New 52 #1s. Maybe my feelings toward the second issue are just a case of over-inflated expectations, but I can't shake the feeling that the events of this single issue could have made for a great three or four issue mini-arc involving Buddy and his daughter Maxine, who is now exhibiting powers similar to Buddy's.Let's get the positive out of the way first: Travel Foreman's art continues to be perfect for the horrific tone of...

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That's one evil lil' girl... 0

The writing has improved over last months issue. The story is well written and is even better after reading Swamp Thing #2 as it seems to 2 titles are now linked. The Green being plants and the Red being animals. It does in a way make it feel like Animal Man is a bit dumb in not knowing this already but it's easy to look past that.The 2 problems I have with this book is the art is terrible and doesn't serve the book or the writing. Instead of helping us get into the book it detracts and makes th...

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Actually Weaker Than It Seemed Like It Was Going To Be 0

A few of the DC New 52 started off fair and then seemed to grow a bit on me in their second issue. But Animal Man seems to be going the other way. What started out strong seems a little weaker in the second issue. A lot of this is due to Travel Foreman's art. While it was always a bit more abstract than traditional superhero comics, it made up for that in a clean style. But I can hardly say that's the case in this second issue. In particular he seems to lay ink on too heavily in places. This is ...

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Red Rot Rising 0

Maxine's become one with the Red. And Buddy's not the only one who's taken notice of his baby girl, enter the Hunters Three.The GoodHope Foreman keeps delivering awesome covers like this as the book goes on.Foreman and Kindzierski continue to impress me highly on the art (though it's not without flaw). Foreman delivers some very strong story telling via body language, emotive acting, and some visually unique and interesting lay out choices. I especially liked the two page spread of The Red and t...

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Best roadtrip ever. 0

Review for Animal Man #2.  The Story: Since Maxine revived a bunch of animal corpses she takes Buddy to the home of the Red and the Hunters Three get ready to start there mission.  The Good: Lemire must be a real family man because the way he writes Buddy and his family just feels so natural. I wont expect any big punching and kicking action from this series but more family drama with the way Ellen worrying about the kids being taken away because of Maxine turning their neighbours arm into a chi...

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Strong Follow Up 0

So my previous review for Animal Man was basically praising it for everything. It was something I personally have not seen in a super hero comic. I bought it on kind of a whim (it wasn’t really coz a mate suggested it) even though I grow tired of super heros and the Big Two altogether. As I explained before and will again I decided to pick this up to give DC another chance. I mean c’mon, they relaunched everything in a desperate attempt to not fall off the face of the planet and so far I’m doing...

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"Let It Take Us Into The Red" 0

Synopsis   After discovering his daughter has the same powers as he, Animal Man and Maxine delve into The Red! Meanwhile, the Hunters Three are on the prowl... The Good   There's a common theory that the second of anything is never as good as the first (usually applied to films, but I'm stretching it here) but in this, the following issue is just as great!  The father and daughter duo of Buddy and Maxine take the trip to the Red - the place where Animal Man got his mysterious powers from.   Ther...

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