dark_noldor's Animal Man #16 - Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Part Four review

Termites and Hunters

When I finished reading this issue I was quite lost, at first, of what to think about all that happened, then concluded that this is a typical example of how an unbalaced issue can have great and impressive moments and,at the same time, suffer with some bad scenes that taint the story. Beginning with the things that bugged me,again I didn't enjoy how abruptly the current story gave place to the past story (Maxine's), perhaps if they had been done in separate ways, or in a different fashion, this feeling would not exist, but I dislike the changes of stories the way Lemire is doing (not only him, this is the same about Snyder in Swamp Thing). Also, it's not that I disliked Maxine's story, but going against all advices she received, no matter being a child, trust the Hunters with their "words" and how things ended, it's just (in a way) removed all the mystery in the final issue, since it's obvious Maxine will, somehow, save the day(by herself or triggering something in Buddy).Finishing the bad things, I know this is a dreg, but I really miss Travel Foreman's art in this title, since he left it has not been the same. Steve Pugh did a good job, his style is similiar to Foreman's, but it's not the same thing. Perhaps DC should've gone with an artist that didn't have the same style, then I could've really apreciate the art, instead of thinking: "hey, this guy, no matter how good, he's just a replacement, a filler" and that's bad for everyone: the artists, the readers, the business. Timothy Green II did a very good job pencilling Maxine's scenes, but the best panels to me were the ones involving the Green Lantern's jailor. Ok, I said I was done with the bad things, but I was mistaken, I remembered two other things that intrigued or upsted me: 1)I really don't understand the mechanics of Buddy's uniform, but whenever he changes into an animal shape, his sleeve simply disappears giving place to the animal's arm he chosed! Is that supposed to happen? I really don't know what to say of it! and 2) When the small pack of heroes resurface "victorious", Frankenstein and his army are in a major battle, and I quote Fankie "It appears as though your actions below have alerted Arcane's forces to our whereabouts, we've a full-scale invasion on our hands", so the struggle goes on for one and a half more page, then the Green Lantern simply shoots like eight or ten Rotlings and that's it, the "full-scale" horde is dealt with! I thought this was terrible, honestly, call me picky, boring, whatever you want, this was moronic in my opinion. Now, the good stuff, without spoilers. Lemire is doing a terrific job writing the characters involved, giving Beast Boy the funny lines, Constantine his magic turf, and, perhaps getting the title to himself again, Animal Man as a skilled and resourceful character. How Buddy handled the situation down below it was fantastic! Also, I really enjoyed the "Gatekeepers" reception, how Lemire (like Synder) is using the fallen heroes against this small pack of rebellion is amazing. Now, I'm very happy also that this arc story is coming to an end, not because it's bad, not at all, but because this has been the moto of this title since number one: I have grown tired of the Rot, I want them to be done with it and that's it, no more Rot. I know this review came very different from what I'm used to do (i guess I'm in a bad mood today), but don't let the excess of bad things I've pointed out create an image that this was a bad issue, especially because I said little (in quantity of words) about the good stuff, no, this issue was very good, good dialogues, decent art, an arguable pace, but interesting things happened here, so I recommend it!


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