cerial442's Animal Man #16 - Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Part Four review

Slowly We Rot

Sometimes this book gets some flack (along with Swamp Thing) for being one giant story. But honestly, that's the big selling point for me. This has been one long story and I believe we are at the penultimate chapter of the Rot saga.

So our heroes of the Red have made it to Metropolis to find out what the Rot has hidden away, and as we saw last month it wasn't Superman, but a Green Lantern.

I'm not 100% up on the Green Lantern history, but I believe this is a Green Lantern we haven't seen before. He is a plant based Green Lantern, and is Earth's only Green Lantern. I wonder what happened to the other Lanterns? Possessed by the Rot? Hopefully we find out.

The Green Lantern is being held captive by Blackbriar Thorn, and is in a weakened state. So our heroes band together to free him, and make their way to the Rot Kingdom for the final showdown.

Some cool cameos show up. We see a Rot version of Talon and Amethyst, and we find out which DC heroes are being the gatekeepers of the Rot. It makes sense that's who Arcane would have chosen.

We also get some stuff that occurred before the Rot took over. We pretty much see how the world ended.

I love this book, and this was one of the new series I started when the New 52 launched. The book had me hooked since the last page. This along with Swamp Thing have been building to one big thing, and I believe we will see that next month.

I think this is a great book if you have been with it from the beginning. It has a feeling of hopelessness and eventually the good guys have to win, but I just don't see how. Can't wait until next month.

I also think this is the better book to read first, then read Swamp Thing. They both come out the same day, and Swamp Thing kind of expands on Animal Man's ending.


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