dark_noldor's Animal Man #14 - Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Part Two review

Constantine without Silk Cuts

Though I like Lemire depict of Animal Man, the pace of this issue was so dragged, nothing really happened and I totally understand the reasons, because this issue is right in the middle of the events, working as a bridge to the last issue and the coming one (which I hope will have more action). The thing that bothered me the most is the fact that NOW Arcane wants to kill Buddy: why not when he was vulnerable and weak in the Rot? Also, why spare Maxine, when since the beginning Arcane wanted to see her dead? This all smell like old James Bond movies, where the villains always spared the spy's agent and told every single time their plans, just to see the hero win in the end. On the other side there're great things here, mostly in the dialogues involving some of the Totens, John Constantine and especially Maxine's scenes in the past, before the Rotworld. I do understand, like I said above, that this issue serves as a bridge, meaning that it was only natural that Buddy, after recovering from his initial shock, took the decision to leave this place and go search his daughter and Swamp Thing, but the pace could've been better! Also, I miss Travel Foreman in this title, Steven Pugh is good, but it's not the same thing, this title had a style, an imprint, and that's lost after Foreman's departure!

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