starkiller809's Animal Man #13 - Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Part One review

Animal Man #13

The art is done by a few people but it comes together rather smoothly. Steve Pugh and Timothy Green II do a great job at continuing the feeling this book has had from issue #1. The art really shines when they draw the amazing city of the Red. The gore is also just as fine as it was issue #1. The story is very cool. It feels almost like an incorporation of superheroes and a Walking Dead set up. The characterization of all the character that appear in this issue is almost spot on. Jeff Lemire is still balancing a rather large supporting cast very well, but to where you still feel like the main focus is Buddy. The time Buddy spends with Black Orchid, Steel and Beast Boy you get almost everything that you need to know, while this lingering mystery is still present. The ending with Ellen and her children is very shocking and people who read this issue will most likely come back for more. This feel very close to Swamp Thing but in a way that you don't have to read both issues to get them completely. 
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect) 
I really liked Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I think that if you read this issue you can tell how strong these creators are and when they come together, we are going to get something very good and very interesting. If you haven't been reading Animal Man you have been missing out on one of the most consistent and enjoyable comic books that DC Comics has published in a long while. If you want a good comic then this is something that you should check out. 

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