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Animal Man #11

Alberto Ponticelli is the penciler in this issue. I really like the way that he draws Buddy and all the different forms that he takes in this issue. He also manages to continue this ever dark feeling that all the other pencilers have contributed. I also really like his facial expressions. They add a lot to the story and the characters. I think that this issue, is huge. We get to see Buddy be recreated by the Red so that he can go back and fight. I really liked that part and I really like the new powers that he has been given. I also think that the characterization is perfect in this issue. I really liked the huge ending and I hope it's turns out to be a little better then it seems. I also really like the secret Avatar of the Rot mystery that is going on. 
While I do like the art, I think that it's a little inferior to the other artist that have worked on the book. I also think that Maxine acts much older then a four year old. Ellen is kinda confusing me as well. She is really pointing a lot of the blame and Buddy and I think that Maxine is more to blame.  
THE VERDICT: 4.5/5 (Amazing) 
Animal Man has been an amazing series so far. The characters are interesting, the plot is strong and the art is superb. I really think that people should read Animal Man because it's a much darker book and you'll have a lot of fun just sitting down and reading about the characters and their never ending struggles. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The trades will be coming out soon enough and if you can't wait that long, the stories are great in single issue format as well. 
Posted by doordoor123

I agree that it was amazing, but I disagree with one of your faults. The art was horrendous before -- it is now bearable.

I'm no fan of horrible shading and choppy figures. It looked like Travel Foreman put no effort into the work.

Posted by Kallarkz

What are his new powers

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