the_mighty_monarch's Animal Man #10 - Extinction is Forever, Part Two: Warriors of the Redlands review

Foreman's Final Farewell

This is Travel Foreman's last cover for this series, and boy does he go all out. So many wild details in all the creepy Red Warriors. Animal Man and The Shepard are almost lost in the sky of muscles and feathers.

There's a lot that happens in this issue to set up Rotworld. We get to see how the world of The Red has changed because of Maxine's ascension in progress. And with the Rot invading The Red, Animal Man is the one to bring up the notion of going into The Rot. The idea is kind of tossed aside to make it very smart foreshadowing. Though I'm baffled by what Constantine is talking about when he says Swamp Thing ISN'T the big green guy he says they need to find. Madame Xanadu also has a vision of Rotworld in a brilliantly trippy sequence.

The appearance of the Justice League Dark is another one of those great scenes that really grounds the family. Cliff's reaction to these real life 'superheroes' is pretty realistic, not over the top because his dad IS a superhero. But he gets kicked out of the discussion for being the one person who's only there by chance. All this time, Cliff's been the normal guy, which has ended up making him the outcast in this situation. It's a really interesting character type, and it leads into a haunting moment when Cliff truly believes he's finally become important.

In Conclusion: 4.5/5

There's still a lot of nice stuff, but there's a tiny spark missing. Part of it is that the action scenes don't quite flow very well. This issue was a lot of plot threads being created to collide, but the character work was as brilliant as ever, finally getting to the surface level importance of Cliff over the deeper plot structure significance.


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