starkiller809's Animal Man #10 - Extinction is Forever, Part Two: Warriors of the Redlands review

Red, Green, and Rot

Steve Pugh does a great job at following in Travel Foreman's footsteps in this book. His style is similar and there are only a few differences between the first few issues, and this current one. I really like the amount of facial expression is in this issue. The characters feel like they are reacting to everything they are hearing. The story is still continuing on from the past issues of Animal Man. The Rot is getting to strong and now we are getting to see some of the side effects of Rot getting too powerful. I also really like seeing some of the leaders of the Red again. I think that they make the whole story feel like there are some people who know what to do and they are going to try. The dialog is also very good. 
I really liked this issue, but I really wish that we could have got some more info on this super strong leader of the Rot. I hope that just because this story is so huge it will affect the whole world, I hope that it kinda stays in this book and Swamp Thing because I don't want other books to mess up the tone of the story so far. 
THE VERDICT: 4/5 (Great) 
Animal Man has been a solid series from issue #1. There hasn't been a bad issue and I think that is because of the amazing team on the book. Jeff Lemire has done a great job at introducing characters that you should care about and a story that is unavoidable. The art also contributes to the tone of the book and that is something that every book should have. I would recommend that you get the recently released trade and then catch up with these issues every month. 
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Since issue 1 this has been my favorite book of the new 52. I love it that this and Swamp Thing release on the same day so I can read 'em back to back. The Dark line of books really have a lot going for them. Even more so now with Dial H and Lemire taking over writing duties for JLD.

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