matkrenz's Animal Man #1 - The Hunt, Part One: Warning from the Red review

Not a solo book, not a team book but a family book.

Review for Animal Man #1.  
Now when I was first deciding what I was going to buy I didn't put Animal Man on there because I wasn't interested, but the overwhelming positive reaction to this series here and being the pick of the week over at iFanboy was punching my curious si I bought it and I love it. 
The Story: Buddy goes to stop a shooter at the children's ward in the hospital and after he comes home weird things starts happening to him and shifts his family life drastically. 

  The Good: With DC basically ending all the relationships (marriage or otherwise) and wiping away all the kids those heroes had but it is refreshing to see that Buddy hasn't lost any of his family and in fact it is the biggest strenght of this book. There not a weakest to Buddy but where he finds the resolve to fight crime and do activisim in order to make this world better for his kids. We also see that as any family there are a couple of problems like Maxine (who I like very much very quickly) wanting a puppy but can't because Buddy might bond with that animal forever. The interview at the beginning establishes who Buddy is as a person and I like that he says that not all battles can be done by talking but sometimes it's fun to punch someone. It's like Lemire saying "Look this isn't going to be big action stuff in but you are going to see it every once in a while". The Hunters Three have really creep designs and the final scene in the issue is also really creppy and I see how this might be called "Vertigo light". Foreman's art is juts a perfect fit for this series, thanks to the coloring it's very dark and gives off a dreadfull vibe and the dream sequence was very intriging. 
The Bad: I really liked Buddy's previous costume and this one is very bland to me. 
The Verdict: This will be a fantastic series. I haven't read Morrison's run on the book but from what I heard of it this series is completely different of it and it's definitely something that any new reader can read. This is a buy.

Posted by shawn87

So far I haven't saw one negative review for this issue. I may have to consider picking it up. 

Posted by Krakatua

Completely agree with you, man. Loved the issue so much, but the costume was kinda meh (the orange one is way better). Anyways, this book is the one I'm most excited about in the new 52 

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