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According to Anguish, she was raised by her abusive stepfather after her mother passed away in a housefire. Her stepfather eventually kicked her out and took a locket from her containing the only existing picture of her mother, her stepfather then hid it away in a safety deposit box out of resentment towards Anguish for still being alive and him having to take care of her. It was due to searching for and finding this locket in a Metropolis bank that she ran into Superman, making her debut.


Anguish was created by Superman writers/artists Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens. Originally solicited as Masochist, her name was later changed to Anguish.

Powers & Abilities


At least enough to effortlessly lift a news-van, or sucker-punch Superman across a street with force enough to shatter a concrete wall.


Her body seems to instinctively change density when attacked allowing bullets and energy (Superman's eye lasers) alike to pass clear through her body.

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