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Angry Christ Comix collects Joseph Michael Linsner's best work from the groundbreaking horror anthology CRY FOR DAWN. This newly revised & expanded edition features 30 pages of previously uncollected material.


  • page 6 Introduction by Eva Hopkins
  • page 7 "Kingdom of the Blind"
  • page 30 "Excoriate 3.14"
  • page 31 "A Page With No Meaning, pt 1"
  • page 32 "Angelique"
  • page 51 "Burns Bright"
  • page 70 "A Page With No Meaning, pt 2
  • page 71 "Dropping Anchor"
  • page 90 "Dead"
  • page 103 "Tragedy or Farce"
  • page 104 "Rhyder"
  • page 117 "A Page With No Meaning, pt 3"
  • page 118 "Alone"
  • page 121 "A Page With No Meaning, pt 4"
  • page 122 "Bring Me A Dream"
  • page 131"A Page With No Meaning, pt 5"
  • page 132 "The Realist"
  • page 146 "Eleven Or One"
  • page 173 "This Atrocity Performs"
  • page 174 Afterword "It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn" by JML

Previously Appeared...

Originally published in single magazine format as CRY FOR DAWN #1-9.







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