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Since the beginning of time, the Angelus has been diametrically opposed to the Darkness. But will Danielle Baptiste, the newest bearer of the Angelus, be able to choose her own path when confronted by sometimes ally Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness?

Blue Sheet

In Hell the Angelus Warriors have reached the inner circle. There they meet Tom Judge, the bearer of the Rapture, who tells them where they can find what they are searching for. It is the Wheel of Shadows but as they try to escape from Hell they are confronted by several guardians of Hell.

In New Orleans, Dani and Finch are meeting Dani´s father, a former cop and now private detective. Finch wants him to know that Dani and herself are something like a couple but Dani is not sure about her feelings towards Finch and so she thinks that it is better to remain silent about this topic. Their meeting is interrupted when Dani´s father has to leave because of his job but as it is Mardi Gras time, Dani and Finch want to visit the event. Before that Dani wants to hit the bathroom. There she is abducted by the Darklings who take her to Jackie, the bearer of the Darkness. He wants to make clear that he wants to end this before Dani starts to hear voices that tell her that she has to get rid of the Darkness. All efforts from Dani are uselesss to convince Jackie that she does not want to kill him. So a fight starts between the two right in front of the eyes of the public enjoying Mardi Gras but their fight seems to be a show for their eyes. Sabine watches the fight from a distance and refuses to come to her rescue. She wants that Dani shows she is worthy of the Angelus force. Eventually Jackie manages to gain an advantage and the Darklings overwhelm Dani.

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