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In the aftermath of Messiah CompleX, Cyclops secretly reforms

X-Force to deal with the Purifiers. Permanantly. As X-Force launch an attack on the Purifiers, one of theirs are captured, and killed? And which major villain returns? Enter: Wolverine, Warpath, X-23 and Wolfsbane. X-Force.

Was the X-Force member killed? Of course not. But the member is kidnapped and taken further away from X-Force, to meet someone who this person hasn't seen in years. As X-Force launch attacks against several Purifier churches around the country, and the Purifiers find an old X-Men associate.

As X-Force search for their kidnapped member, Bastion has one hell of a plan up his sleave as he finds and recruits mutant haters, dead and alive, from all over the world. As X-Force find their member, they need a healer to fix her. They need Elixir!

With Wolfsbane healed by Elixir, she rests while the rest of the team plan what they should do next.  But, when Wolfsbane awakes, she is not the humble girl she is, and she removes Angel's wings, later causing him to change... into Archangel!

In pain, Archangel escapes to find his original wings!  Matthew Risman, who had programmed Wolfsbane, use Angel's wings to produce a new army... the Choir!  As X-Force head out to raid the latest Purifier base, the Choir and Risman also head there to battle the newly resurrected deadly X-Villain (#1)!

In the final issue of this arc, the three way battle continues between X-Force, the Purifiers and the Choir!  It's Wolfsbane vs Reverand Craig!  X-23 vs Matthew Risman!  Warpath vs Eli Bard!  And Wolverine vs ...  Everyone else?

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