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Angel is the youngest member of the Flock at six years old. She was taken by the white coats in the first book and later rescued by Max and the rest of her family. She is Gasman's real sister (the two are blood relations, unlike the rest of the Flock).  
     Angel, though the most innocent, is the most powerful member of the Flock. She has more powers than any one else. With gills on the sides of her neck she is able to swim underwater for long periods of time. She can also telepathically talk to people and prompt them to do whatever she wants. The same can be done through her speech. While underwater she can also talk to and control fish.  
     She is almost like Max's conscience on occasion, but is sometimes dangerously naive and doesn't quite comprehend the potential of her powers. Angel is also a shape-shifter, being able to turn into a bird of paradise and can turn her own face into Max's.

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