Why was Angel's entry changed to "Archangel"?

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I have been reading the last few months' worth of X-comics and everyone still calls him Warren or Angel. Even in Uncanny X-force he only transforms to Archangel during battles. As far as I can tell, he doesn't even like the fact he transforms into his "evil" half.

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I agree. It should just be Angel.

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I don't know who changed it, but I don't see a problem with it.  This is why we have an Alias box.

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   True but if anything Archangel should be an alias as officially he's still just Angel. It's no big deal or anything. I'm just a nit-picker for details on my faves, lol.
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@Darkchild said:
"this is why 
http://www.comicvine.com/the-angel/29-36389/ "

??? there can be more than one man taking up the name Angel on this site. 
and as for the name, it really doesn't matter. 
Professionally it would be known as Angel, but Archangel does have a nice touch and it's not killing anything.
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i beleive in curse of the mutants, the archangel persona is still inside him, so the name change would make sense...but yeah its not hurting anything
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I don't mind that it is changed, but I do mind when I type in 'Angel' in the search box to find his page, it's not anywhere near the top 20 options, I usually just go with Warren Worthington to find him

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