Time for a name change?

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Okay I think it was in Incredible Hulk #106 they referred to Warren as Angel. Is it time to change his name back? We had Angel Salvadore but she's lost her powers now (and was lame and annoying in my opinion). I checked on marvel.com and they have both of them still listed as Angel. He hasn't been doing too much lately so I don't know how he's being referred to in other books. It almost doesn't make sense for him to go by Archangel anymore. What say you all? Shall I change his name and let him reclaim his title?

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I think we should. but thats just me.
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I'm for Angel with Archangel as an alias.

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Yeah Archangel was when he was fresh, now he's back to wack so Angel it is.

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Sling Shot says:

"Yeah Archangel was when he was fresh, now he's back to wack so Angel it is."

Hahahaha exactly. Archangel was tight.

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Well I've pretty much already decided to change it. But it's nice to hear others feel the same and I'm sure there's those that don't even care. Soooo unless he appears again under Archangel, it's back to Angel.


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