Instead of killing Archangel off, they could trap him in the AoA.

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Instead of having to kill Archangel off (since neither the team or us readers want that), what if he is left stranded in the Age of Apocalypse?? It seems like a reasonable option... we know that some characters will be crossing into the 616 (Nightcrawler and at least one other), so who's to say Archangel won't be reverse crossing over into the AoA and left there, being the only way is friends don't have to murder him.

The AoA will be getting it's own ongoing series come Uncanny X-force 19.1, so maybe we'll see how Archangelpocalypse reacts with Wolverpocalypse in that world.

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He will be back faster if they kill him

#3 Posted by Larkin1388 (1760 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't mind him dying. I was never a fan of Warren anyways. I'm glad they're bringing in Nightcrawler after issue #18

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I don't think he is gonna die, because they show him squaring off against Daredevil in Avengers VS X-Men. If you watched the livestream event, you could see the picture. Unless that's a clone of him or something.

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By now, most of us now that he died. BUT he came back as Angel, but with no memories, so yeah, Grats on pointing that out

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