How strong is Archangel?

#1 Posted by Power NeXus (10277 posts) - - Show Bio

I know he has superhuman strength and durability, but I've never been quite sure what levels they're on.
#2 Posted by archangel0127 (88 posts) - - Show Bio

His wings are superstrong but he can only lift about half a ton (imperial), near peak human strength I think 
#3 Posted by Iron Fist Angel (246 posts) - - Show Bio

He can lift 300 lbs. normally and his wings obviously add to that total, (an additional 200 lbs). Technically that is considered superhuman because anyone who can lift twice their own body weight gets that distinction.
   Now supposedly he is stronger when in his Archangel form but I don't think anybody knows exactly by how much.

#4 Posted by speedlgt (2138 posts) - - Show Bio

can this guy do anything other than fly?????
i mean flying is cool but come on

#5 Posted by castleking (24745 posts) - - Show Bio

he has exceptional superhuman eyesight, capable of transforming into his archangel death personal, has a healing factor. his blood is capable of healing others.

#6 Posted by cracks (6974 posts) - - Show Bio
@castleking: Can adamantium cut through Archangel's wings? Doesn't he shoot things out of his wings? What are they.. explosives?              %Pr
#7 Posted by Power NeXus (10277 posts) - - Show Bio
@cracks said:
" @castleking: Can adamantium cut through Archangel's wings? Doesn't he shoot things out of his wings? What are they.. explosives?              %Pr "

Reportedly, adamantium can cut through anything less dense than carbonadium. The exact metal that composes Archangel's wings has never been revealed, but I would think that if it were carbonadium, it would have been well worth mentioning. So we can assume they are composed of a lesser metal, and so can be cut by adamantium blades. 
Archangel has the ability to fire his razor-sharp wings as projectiles. These can be either normal projectiles, or then can be tipped with a toxin that attacks the nervous system of living organisms.
#8 Posted by cracks (6974 posts) - - Show Bio
@Power NeXus: Thank you for the information.                   %Pr
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does'nt he also project explosive missile type fethers from his wings? I used to have an archangel card that said he projects missile. But then agin that was way back when this guy first hit the scene as Archangel. Alot of times things get rewritten or woven into the story plot.
#10 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

varies. he seems to getting written differantly all the time. he's had quite a few upgrades/mutations and is
supposed to be pretty powerful right now. as a Horseman natural is supposed to be. but i dunno, because his 
showings are so varied and he's rarely shown accomplishing a feat of strength. best most recent i can think of was
he flew straight through a big Godzilla wannabe, which would take alot of force. he's pretty damned fast though, ive seen 
that a few times. sorry i cant come up with anything strength wise.

#11 Posted by spiderpigbart (2716 posts) - - Show Bio

I assume about a ton.  Also, he can go Mach 1!

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