Fallen Angel

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Did he die

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@HolySerpent said:

Did he die

Physically? No. Mentally and metaphorically? Yes. The "Warren Worthington" personality has been completely erased. He's a blank canvas now.

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How come?

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@HolySerpent: Well Angel was tainted with the bloodthirsty death persona, which completely took control of his body and ascended as the new Apocalypse. Seeing no other choice, Wolverine's X-Force bust Dark Beast from his prison convoy in need of his help, seeing as he was one of Apocalypse's (En Sabah Nur) right hand men. Dark Beast then told Logan and his hit squad, that the only way to cure Warren of Apocalypse influence (the death persona), was to obtain a celestial artifact known as the life seed, which coincidentally was located in Dark Beast's AoA universe. The Dark Angel Saga came to an abrupt end when Betsy stabbed Archangel with the life seed, not knowing for sure whether it would cure him or kill him (I'm more inclined to say she thought the latter). As the whole citadel is coming down on Logan's team, "Angel" somehow emerges from the rubble unscathed and topless, with no memory of his previous life. He is now exactly what his moniker "Angel" entails; embraces life and feels the need to help others.

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That is so stupid it's a crime

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@HolySerpent: You might want to pick up the hardcover of that saga and judge it yourself, as opposed to taking my word for it. You can't go wrong when 99% of readers agree that the Dark Angel Saga is going to be classic.

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@HolySerpent said:

That is so stupid it's a crime

O_O Actually it was better than just killing him like everyone assumed, him dying would have been a crime after all this development. But in all seriousness read the arc, this outcome was quite fitting and a brief summary doesn't do the story justice because it is quite brilliant.

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My bad. Lol I guess I put that on my to read list

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XD Same

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