Archangel or Angel

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"Angel" is still Angel Salvadore, the mother of Beak's kids. Marvel still has him listed as Archangel. So I'm still leaning towards ARCHangel unitl they decide otherwise. I agree it makes more sense but that's how they want it I guess.

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Vote for archangel as well. It's generally the name more people are gonna be familiar with.

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My problem is we have to have Archangel listed in X-Men #1. But that's just what he goes by now. Hopefully they'll get rid of that loser Angel Salvadore now that she and Beak are out of the picture. Guess we can see how they refer to him in Hulk. Archangel was good when he was blue and with metal wings. He's back to being a wussy angel. But until Marvel says otherwise...

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G-Man says:

"...wussy angel..."


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There was also a golden age character named Angel.

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When are they gonna stop messing around with keeping Archangel boring and mostly ineffective. Once they take my advice and allow for Warren Worthington the Third to go through a secondary mutation, or maybe the complete expression of his original mutation, and give him energy wings and sublight physical adaptations he will finally be an character worthy of being called Archangel.

And maybe get him a rogues gallery.

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Archangel can be totally badass as he is.

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When? Where? To Who?

He's an X-man. One of the originals. X-men used to represent cutting edge. That has been their esthetic for some time. As he is, he's somewhat outdated.

He could run with Punisher and that crowd, but the motif of Archangel, as I see him, is to rise above. He has great Icon potential, up their with Storm.

If Marvel were to make the changes I suggested I believe he could captivate the attention of the reader new and old in a new way.At least he would make my top five X-men.

Get someone like Kenneth Rocafort, or Olivier Coipel to redo his look. Puhleeeeaze, He'd be killing it.
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He already went through a secondary mutation when his wings grew back and his healing factor changed his skin back to normal from blue.

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I'd like to retcon that whole debacle, but whatev. Okay, we'll call it a tertiary mutation.

Energy wings or bust!

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