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Angel Zamora was one of Lotusland Productions finest artists. When Draco attempted to assume control of the production company, Zamora was convinced by the Hulk (John Eisenhart) to rebel against Draco's tyranny. In the ensuing battle, Zamora was crippled.

Following the rebellion, Zamora became the new boss of Lotusland Productions. While in power, Zamora began getting close to Quirk, who unbeknownst to him; the Hulk had feelings for. The Hulk discovered to the two kissing one night.

When Doctor Doom claimed presidency of the United States, Lotusland Productions found itself in a battle between two tyrants: Draco and President Doom. Zamora sold out to President Doom offering him some gamma ray research that the company had discovered.

Zamora soon began to regret having sold out to Doom, and co-worker Keisha Schultz-Valdez saw this as an opportunity to gain control over the company by allying herself with Doom. Doom ordered Zamora's arrest as John Eisenhart arrived, also allying himself with Doom, and murdering Zamora for stealing Quirk.

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